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LUCID brings it to light.

We help you to quickly and compet­ently detect possible compliance viola­tions as well as to prevent the escalation of conflicts wherever possible.

Which statement comes closest to your situation?

Our company needs a struc­tured approach to dealing with alleged compliance viola­tions. In such cases, we want to react appro­priately and uncover compliance viola­tions quickly and professionally.

We offer:

  • Advice and practical support in setting up legally compliant processes for the profes­sional processing of incoming allegations.
  • Advice and practical support in the design and imple­men­tation of whist­leb­lowing systems (e.g. telephone hotline, electronic reporting systems, ombudsmen) with special emphasis on labour law and data protection requirements

Our company has concrete indica­tions of a possible compliance violation. What should we do now?

We offer:

  • Legal review or prepa­ration of a clear process description for internal compliance investigations
  • Compre­hensive legal advice and practical support in the planning and imple­men­tation of an internal compliance inves­ti­gation with special focus on labour law and data protection requirements
  • Execution of the entire inves­ti­gation or individual measures (e.g. fact-finding, coordi­nation, organi­sa­tional handling, documen­tation, reporting)

Our company is under inves­ti­gation by autho­rities. We are looking for a profes­sional way to deal with such a situation.

We offer:

  • Legal advice and practical support in adminis­trative inves­ti­ga­tions (e.g. legal and practical ad hoc support on site (“dawn raids”), commu­ni­cation with the inves­ti­gating authority, internal and external crisis commu­ni­cation, coordi­nation of parallel proceedings)
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