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Profilaufname des Compliance Beraters Dr. Lars Weihe

Dr. Lars Weihe

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Profil des Compliance Beraters Oliver Preeg

Oliver Preeg

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Christian Schmoll

IT Law Specialist, CIPP/E, CIPM, DPO (TÜV)
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Dr. Lars Weihe

Dr. Lars Weihe, LL.M. (UCL), is a lawyer and qualified business mediator with broad inter­na­tional experience in the areas of compliance, business law and conflict resolution (judicial and extra­ju­dicial dispute resolution), trained in Germany and England and admitted to the bar in Germany in 2004.

Dr. Weihe has worked both as an attorney for two major inter­na­tional law firms and as an in-house lawyer in a managerial capacity in several large corpo­ra­tions in Germany and China. In addition to repre­senting clients in civil and patent litigation before state courts and private arbitration tribunals, Dr. Weihe drafted and negotiated various complex cross-border contracts. He has relevant experience in the IT/semiconductor, pharmaceu­tical, chemical and consumer goods industries.

As a local and regional compliance officer, Dr. Weihe worked both preven­tively and inves­ti­ga­tively. He has trained several thousand employees, including managing directors, in over 50 face-to-face trainings on various compliance topics (e.g. anti-corruption, antitrust and compe­tition law, avoidance of conflicts of interest, conduct in adminis­trative inves­ti­ga­tions), developed target group-specific training materials, compliance campaigns (e.g. “Speak Up!”, “Be a Role Model”) and compliance guide­lines, as well as designed and imple­mented role descrip­tions and training concepts for local and regional compliance officers.

Dr. Weihe has conducted several internal compliance inves­ti­ga­tions on various topics, both in a leading inves­ti­gator role and as a super­visor in colla­bo­ration with local compliance officers and internal audit staff.

Most recently, Dr. Weihe served as Regional Head of Legal and Compliance in a large corpo­ration with a team of 38 employees and was respon­sible for all legal and compliance issues in the region. One of the focal points was the imple­men­tation and conti­nuous impro­vement of a compliance management system in Europe, Israel, Peru and Chile.

Oliver Preeg

Oliver Preeg, LL.M, MSc is a lawyer who has been trained in Germany and South Africa and admitted to the German bar in 2004. In addition to his legal education, Mr. Preeg holds a Master of Science in Food Regulatory Affairs (University of Ulster, UK) which he obtained while working in London in the capacity as Head of legal in the food and cosmetics industry.

During his inter­na­tional work as an in-house lawyer, Mr. Preeg has gained a solid and broad knowledge in the areas of compliance and commercial law.

Mr. Preeg initially worked as an attorney in a medium-sized Munich law firm and subse­quently as an in-house counsel for two American food companies. In the course of his profes­sional career, Mr. Preeg held leading positions in Germany and abroad and assumed respon­si­bility for Legal, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs (for foods, cosmetics and devices).

During his in-house counsel tenure, Mr. Preeg was respon­sible for the develo­pment of new markets, he analysed the relevant legal regula­tions and imple­mented processes based on risk-based recom­men­da­tions. The compliance aspect of the work centred on the distri­bution system (direct sales/MLM) and the marketa­bility of consumer goods in more than 30 markets.

Mr. Preeg has been respon­sible for the revisions and enfor­cement of company policies to the organi­sa­tions’ external sales force (distri­butors) and has conducted numerous employee trainings on adver­tising, sales, product compliance and anti-corruption (UK Bribery Act/FCPA). In his role, Mr. Preeg has also been active in industry associations.

Since 2018, Mr. Preeg has been advising well-known companies in the construction industry, the consumer goods industry (FMCG) and the inter­na­tional trade fair industry on the imple­men­tation of their compliance requi­re­ments — in parti­cular on the imple­men­tation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Christian Schmoll

Christian Schmoll is a lawyer and IT law specialist. He has been advising on IT law, data protection and compliance since 2005. He is a Certified Infor­mation Privacy Professional/Europe (CIPP/E), Certified Infor­mation Privacy Manager (CIPM) and certified data protection officer (TÜV).

After working as a lawyer in a medium-sized law firm with a focus on IT law, Christian Schmoll built up the legal department at a German startup in the area of SaaS/online marketing. Subse­quently, he worked as the head of the European legal department at a major US IT company in the field of big data and a US startup in the field of social media.

Christian Schmoll has been involved in the area of data protection since 2005 and has been respon­sible for setting up data protection management in all in-house functions as an internal (group) data protection officer. He has also headed the infor­mation security department and accom­panied several ISO 27001 certifications.

Christian Schmoll regularly publishes on IT and data protection topics and is also a regular speaker. He has been a lecturer for media and adver­tising law at several private academies.

Since 2018, he has been working as an external data protection officer for numerous companies from a wide range of sectors.

Christian Schmoll has extensive experience in setting up data protection management systems in SMEs and also on an inter­na­tional level and in working with data protection super­visory authorities.

He has also drafted and negotiated countless IT contracts (SaaS, software develo­pment, outsourcing), marketing and distri­bution agree­ments and IT/data protection company agree­ments, both natio­nally and inter­na­tio­nally, and he has assisted numerous companies in imple­menting innovative business models on the Internet, with a focus on SaaS.

Another focus of Christian Schmoll is the accele­ration and optimiz­ation of the contracting process in the company through the intro­duction of contract management systems, training of sales staff and efficient design of contract templates.

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