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Make the right decisions with LUCID.

We assist you as an investor in your search for strai­ght­forward answers and support you in the run-up to your investment or transaction decision.

Services for foreign investors.

Is Germany the right location for us? What must we be aware of? What legal requi­re­ments do we face here? Does the target company fulfil all relevant compliance requi­re­ments or are we facing legal risks?

We offer:

  • Compre­hensive advice on the legal and regulatory environment in Germany
  • Execution or support of compliance due diligence in the context of M&A transactions
  • Individual compliance risk analysis of the target company
  • Evaluation of the conception and imple­men­tation of the compliance management system of the target company
  • Exami­nation and assessment of risks arising from threa­tened, ongoing or completed official or judicial procee­dings of the target company
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